The In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar – is it worth it?

If you love trying new wines or know somebody who does, then you may want to look into the In Good Taste wine advent calendar next holiday season. It has 24 mini-bottles of a selection of the wines they carry and is a fun way to try different wines from around the world. If you find one that you particularly enjoy and want to try it at the source, you can use a 10% off coupon for accommodations.

What’s included with the advent calendar?

In each advent calendar from In Good Taste you will get 24 mini-bottles of wine, each containing 187mLs of the wine selection for that day. It’s just enough to enjoy a glass and get a good sense of if you like the varietal or not. The advent calendar also comes with a booklet with more information on each wine, as well as what foods pair well with them which is a nice touch. The promise of being able to try 24 different wines was strong enough to sell me, but they really went the extra mile with the little booklet and the details that went into it. The packaging that it comes in is quite attractive as well, so it’s easy to leave it out on a table or counter for the holiday season.

What kind of wine do you get in the advent calendar?

In Good Taste changes the wines that are included every year (which makes it a fantastic repeat gift for anyone who loves wine), so I can’t say for sure what you will get, but it typically includes wines from Spain, Sicily, California, and more. The advent calendar includes reds, whites, and roses so you get a wide variety of different wines.

Is the advent calendar good, actually, or just a gimmick?

I’m glad you asked! On the In Good Taste website there are 824 reviews of the advent calendar with the lowest rating of 4 stars out of 5! And, only 22 reviews give a 4 star rating, all 802 of the other reviews are for 5 stars. Customers are overall impressed with the quality and variety of the wine, as well as the attractive packaging. One customer mentioned that the mini-bottles also have nearly infinite possibilities for being upcycled once you drink the wine, which I thought was very clever! The only negatives I really saw in the 4 star reviews were that given the time of year, they wished they had the option to purchase an all-reds advent calendar. I suppose that’s more of a personal preference, than a negative?

So in conclusion, yes, the wine advent calendar from In Good Taste is good, actually. It’s fun, it’s cute, the wines are fabulous, they suggest tasty dishes to go along with each one, and you can reuse the bottle for all kinds of things once the wine is gone. If you are even considering purchasing it for yourself or as a gift, I can wholeheartedly recommend that you take the plunge and do it!

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