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Pizza Around The World & Pizza Hut Discount Codes

Pizza is a popular food around the world. You will find that you can find some really unique and cultural flavours on pizzas when you visit other countries. Whether you visit Japan or Australia you will be able to find pizza in the country, but it will probably be a bit different than American style pizzas. You might not be able to find a cheesy pepperoni pizza in every country, but the whole point of travelling is to experience new things so give some of the local flavours a try!

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If you are at home or just visiting in the UK, we pretty much stick the to the American style pizzas with nothing too exotic for toppings or flavours. Classics are classics for a reason, right? You can even save a bit by using pizzahut discount codes. Hey, if you had a rough day at work and have no energy to cook there is no shame in picking up a pizza on the way home!

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Pizza Around the World

Different countries have different stories behind the popularity of pizza. Created by the Italians or by the Greeks who brought it to Naples or from ancient Egypt, where once the pizza was the main dish to celebrate the Pharaoh’s birthday. It is also known to be a part of one of the ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean around 3000 years ago. So if you find you can only get this special flavor in a Mediterranean bakery and nowhere else, you now know where the roots come from.


They may never have thought that they would serve pizza in India. They do, but it is very different. Normal toppings for pizzas in India could include Paneer, which is a type of cottage cheese, pickled ginger, and mutton or mutton that is being minced. That may sound strange, but if you were used to the flavors of India, you might like these flavors.


A French pizza sounds very chic. It’s actually crowned with something called Flambee, which is actually fresh cream, onions, and bacon. As an American, you’re probably used to onions and bacon on pizzas, but the fresh cream is a bit different unless you like Alfredo Pizzas.


If you visit Japan, you may find the taste different than you are used to, but if you enjoy sushi rolls, you can enjoy the taste of Japanese pizzas. The toppings on these pizzas are Mayo Jaga, a combination of mayonnaise, potatoes, and bacon, and then they also have eel and squid as a topping.


Russian pizzas are a bit different from the American style. They enjoy red herring as a topping, but they also enjoy mockba, which is a combination of ingredients. Mockba is tuna, mackerel, onions, sardines, salmon, and onions together. If you like these fringy flavors, you can enjoy this Russian pizza.


Australia has another interesting pizza. It’s a little more similar than you’re used to when you eat American pizzas. Common ingredients on Australian pizzas are shrimp, barbecue sauce, and pineapple. It’s a similar flavour profile to a Hawaiian pizza which mixes sweet pineapple with savoury ham.

Other unique toppings for pizzas from around the world are curry on pizzas in Pakistan and coconut in Costa Rica. There are definitely more interesting flavors around the world on pizzas, but these are just a few.

Sometimes, when you go to another country, you expect different foods, but maybe you do not expect a well-known food like pizza other than what you know. If you visit these countries, you probably have a chance of perhaps having an American style, but you will probably also have the opportunity to taste pizzas with the specific style of the country. So while you’re in America enjoy pizzas as usual, but if you’re traveling be sure to try the flavours from another country. It is important to remember that the production of pizzas did not start in America, so America really has no claim to the toppings. The main thing is to try new things and enjoy a meal with your friends! Don’t forget to check out the top-rated headphones under $50 for your travels!