Where You Can Travel with CBD Oil, and cbdMD Coupons

For many people CBD oil has become a way to treat chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, and a whole host of other health issues. However since it’s still quite new, it’s a bit of a grey area on whether it’s okay to travel with it or not. We’ll go over some places that you can and can’t bring your CBD oil, and we also have some cbdMD coupons for you.

Get High Quality Products with cbdMD Coupons

The CBD oil industry is a lot like the supplements industry: it’s not heavily regulated and there is a vast range of product quality on the market. With cbdMD you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality CBD oil, or other CBD infused products. They have lotions & topicals, balms, gummies, soft gel capsules, and even dog treats! If your dog suffers from joint pain or anxiety you may want to give CBD treats a try. And no, you are not getting your dog high it’s the CBD oil derived from hemp plants which does not have the THC compound in it.

cbdMD coupons and tips for travelling with CBD products

If you already have a brand of CBD you prefer or you’re interested in trying CBD oil for the first time I recommend trying out cbdMD to see if you like it. They are one of the best quality brands out there, and you can use the coupon link from above to get a great deal.

Where Can’t I Go with CBD products?

Since this is largely a travel blog, I thought I’d cover where you can and can’t travel with CBD products. As I mentioned above CBD is still new, and so some countries just haven’t had time to put in laws around it yet. Also of note is that for the most part, it is the hemp-based CBD products like I mentioned with the dog treats that is legal. CBD that contains THC is legal in a few places, but is definitely more restricted. You should look very carefully into country and/or state laws before travelling with this. For example there are some states in the US where it is legal, but many where it is not and at the federal level it’s not legal. Just so you know, the TSA is a federal organization so you are not supposed to fly with CBD oil. Will the TSA call the police on you for having a bottle of CBD oil? Most likely not, but getting through security is already stressful enough as it is.

Some countries have extremely strict or murky laws around CBD, so it’s best to not take it there. Those include Georgia, Russia, Belgium, China, and Slovakia. In Ireland you have to be very careful because only CBD products with 0% THC are allowed, whereas in the rest of the EU the maximum is 0.2% and in the US it’s 0.3%. In some European Union countries CBD is legal, provided that it has been made from plants that have been cultivated in EU countries with EU certified hemp seeds and the THC content is less than 0.2%. So CBD oil that has been produced from plants grown in the United States with a THC content of 0.3% would not be permitted. Check your products carefully before travelling with them.

There are a few countries in which you will need a doctor’s prescription to carry CBD products as well, they are Malta, New Zealand, and Norway.

Where Can I Go With CBD Products?

Many countries will allow you to travel with hemp-derived CBD products that have a low concentration of THC, but please check the local laws before travel. There are a few countries where CBD products are legal whether they are derived from hemp or cannabis plants. Those countries are Argentina, Canada, the Netherlands, Peru, and the Virgin Islands.

In certain US states cannabis-derived products are also legal such as Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado, Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Alaska and New Jersey. The rest generally have mixed laws around it, again it’s always best to look into local laws for where you are going specifically. Also an interesting note: because national parks are federal land even hemp-derived CBD products are not allowed. Although I highly doubt a park ranger is going to confiscate your roll on topical for joint pain, you might not want to push your luck.

Do Your Research and Use Common Sense When Travelling with CBD

The laws around this new product are changing rapidly, and as long as you do a little research ahead of time and plan accordingly you should be fine. Remember to use that coupon I linked above for cbdMD, you won’t regret it!

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