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Wine Tasting Tours in Napa Valley

With over 400 wineries and soils that are just right for grape production, Napa Valley is one of the world’s most sought after vacationing spot and preferred wine tasting destination. Napa valley indulges the visitors with not just winery visits, but luxurious accommodations, spa treatments, delicious gourmet drinks and incredible restaurants where you can experience unforgettable meals.

Things to consider before your visit:

While planning a trip to Napa Valley there are certain things that the visitor might want to consider. The most important one being the time when they decide to take the trip. Although people generally prefer to take trips in the summer, a trip to Napa Valley during summer is a huge no. A huge crowd of people flock to Napa Valley for their summer vacation, most definitely thinking the same as anyone else and preferring summer.

But the best time to visit Napa Valley is from September to November, this is the season where they harvest grapes and you can see the winery in action. Spring is the second best time to plan a visit, with mustard plants in full bloom and whole scenery covered in astonishing lavish greenery.

Choosing the wineries you want to visit:

Some of the best wineries in the world are located in the Napa Valley. You have to plan beforehand on which wineries to visit so you don’t get dillydallying into what other people are saying and missing out on all the good ones. Some of the Napa Valley wineries that you might want to consider for your visit are Beringer Vineyards (founded in 1876 by two German immigrants), Inglenook Winery (Previously known as Coppola, or Niebaum Coppola), Domaine Chandon (One of the most visited winery in Napa Valley), Robert Mondavi (Napa’s first commercial winery), Castello di Amorosa, C. Sattui Winer, Cakebread (a lesser known but one of the best boutiques in Napa ), Frog’s Leap, St. Supery, Regusci, Hall, Frank Family and so on.

Visiting the wineries can be tad expensive so you might want to consider sharing your visitation tour with another group to be cost-effective and look for discount codes before your trip. When you visit a winery you might want to ask them to refer another place to visit and get exciting discounts with a free tasting referral card as well.

Things you’d want to consider during your visit:

Wine train:

One of the most popular attractions at Napa, travelling in a furnished dining car serving you meals and good wine, riding a wine train an activity you might want to consider.

· Picnics:

You might want to consider an intimate picnic with your loved ones while you’re staying at Napa. The hills at Diamond Oaks Winery is a popular destination for picnics.

Mud bath:

Soaking in volcanic ash and peat moss works wonder for your skin. Pamper yourself with facial masks, whirlpool bath, steam rooms, blanket wraps and massages while you’re staying in Napa.