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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones & Other Long Haul Flight Tips

Traveling is a favourite pastime for most people especially during holidays. With most taking long-haul flights to distant locations for either business or for pleasure. Unfortunately, these long-haul flights can be quite stressful and exhausting, especially for the unprepared. But then the journey to the destination is of more importance than the destinations itself. Therefore it pays to prepare well for such long flights, and below are some tips to help have a more enjoyable flight.

1. Use a VPN For Web Surfing

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Internet wi-fi is a relatively new thing these days, and with any new technology, you can bet there’s some vulnerabilities that you will want to protect yourself against. Using a VPN will protect all your personal information and may help with slower speeds as well due to airline imposing limits.

And it doesn’t have to be too pricey. You can search for a VPN coupon code website like CouponLynx.org and then you can sign up with whichever service tickles your fancy.

2. Use Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you want to focus and get some work done (I love when I’m on a flight with wifi!), get some shut-eye, or just listen to some great music or podcasts noise cancelling headphones are a lifesaver. They effectively cancel out most low-vibration sounds such as the airplane engine and conversation of people around you. Unfortunately they can’t drown out a crying baby entirely, but they definitely help! They range from around $75 to very expensive, take a look at BestGear.org for a comparison of several different models. Which one is the best for you will depend on what your needs are and how much room you have in your carry-on bag.

best noise cancelling headphones

3. Keep yourself hydrated

When you embark on long-haul flights, you are more likely to become dehydrated and you definitely don’t want to arrive at your destination feeling like death warmed over but rather refreshed and ready to face the world. For this reason, you should drink water more frequently. For those of you who are prone to dry eyes, you can bring along a moisturizer and take some eye drops once in a while.

Health practitioners also recommend electrolyte solutions as they help to maintain the electrolyte balance in our bodies thus preventing one from becoming completely diluted with water. Coffee and alcohol are very dehydrating and should be avoided. But if you want to have a glass of wine with your dinner I won’t tell, especially if you are heading out on vacation!

4. Body stretches.

Sitting down for more than 6 hours can be quite tiring and it calls for some body movements and stretches to keep the blood circulation flowing to your legs and the rest of your body. Due to the limited space, your only option will be walking down the aisle after every two hours or exercising some simple body movements while seated. While seated you can do some neck rolls to release tension from your neck. Additionally, you can do some ankle circles where you gently roll your ankle in a circle or do some leg extensions to stretch out stiff legs.

Body stretches and movements not only help maintain your sanity but also prevent you from developing deep vein thrombosis.

5. Sleep

Sleeping on a flight is rare but since you are going to spend an entire day or night on a long-haul flight it would be worth bringing a few flight essentials to help you with your sleep.

Pack a travel neck pillow and a blanket to keep you cozy and warm. You can also invest in a good sleep mask. Let’s face it, most people can’t fall asleep with the lights on and even worse when there is so much noise in your surroundings. However, a pair of noise-canceling headphones and eye-mask can provide you a quiet and dark environment necessary for the best chance to fall asleep.

6. Make yourself comfortable.

You should consider your comfort in a long-haul flight in terms of your dressing and the activities you involve yourself in. Avoid wearing tight-fitting shirts or stiff jeans. Instead, wear loose-fitting shirts and pants. Ensure your dressing in warm enough since it can get chilly on the plane.

Reserving a good seat is also essential when it comes to guaranteeing your comfort. If you wish to move about the plane more you should secure an aisle seat to avoid disturbing other passengers. Additionally, if you are prone to deep vein thrombosis, opt for exit rows that will give you more room to do some leg stretches.

7. Entertainment.

Finally, you will require a good plan to fritter away a few hours of your flight. Think about noise-canceling earphones (see point #1 above) and additional movies and music in phone, tablet or computer. You can also carry novels and interesting eBooks to keep you engaged during the flight. If you happen to have chatty neighbors you can opt to download audiobooks that will assist you to drown out the noise.