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Canada Bound for Your Next Vacation? There Are Some Great Deals Waiting For You

If you are looking for a unique and fun place to take your next vacation, you might want to check north of the border. Canada has some amazing opportunities for adventure seekers and those who like to marvel at nature. The exchange rate has made it an attractive option for vacation seekers within the United States to take a peek at Canada, where they can find some great deals on hotels and resort packages.

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If the west coast is appealing to you, you might want to head to Alberta, where the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is offering a great deal for families. When you purchase a package here, you will receive accommodation, ski lift tickets for the whole family and transportation to the ski hill. This is for two nights. Jasper has a fantastic beauty to it and does offer other winter sports such as snowboarding and snowmobiling for those interested as well.


British Columbia

Staying on the west coast, you can enjoy all the British Columbia has to offer. The province doesn’t just offer great skiing in the winter either, although there are packages available that combine a great skiing adventure and a wine tasting tour. When you stay in the Okanagan region, the Grand Delta offers accommodation for two adults for two nights, ski passes for Big White Ski Resort, transportation to and from the ski hill and a wine tasting. It’s a great way to see the gorgeous province, enjoy the ski resorts and taste some of the area’s best vintages.



When you want a bigger city experience, Montreal offers a great deal. The Ritz-Carlton is offering a package in which the prices drop depending on the outside temperature and how far below freezing it gets. For example, if the temperature is 15 degrees below freezing, you will get 15 percent off your stay. The suites include a cozy fireplace and you will get a welcome of cookies, tea, and hot chocolate. Also included in the package is a breakfast, free parking and checkout is later than usual.



There are many things to see and do in Ontario and it is possible to find a package that encompasses much of the most popular tourist destinations in the province. For example, one package includes a stay in Toronto where you can tour some of the city’s haunted locations, and then go canoeing down the Avon River in Stratford. Also included is a visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake to visit a winery and a tour of Niagara Falls where you can see the brand new light display that shines on the falls every night.

These are just a small sampling of what can be found when heading to Canada for your next vacation. The country offers travelers just about anything you are looking for from coast to coast and considering it is Canada’s 150th birthday year, you are sure to find some exciting and fun activities for the whole family.


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Best Places in Europe For Wine Making and Cheapoair Coupons!

Europe has been the worlds largest wine producer for over a thousand years , this is attributed by the large vineyards in Europe and skilled man power with years of experience on efficient wine making procedures.  The European union accounts for world’s 45% of wine growing areas, 65%of wine production, 57% of wine consumption and 70% of wine exportation to other countries.  The well known great wine regions in Europe include the following:

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Mosel, Germany

This is a river which runs through the great wine regions of Germany. There are great vineyards in the hillsides of this cooler region which are popular for the production of Riesling grapes.  Compared to other styles of wine, Riesling is slightly lighter and crispier and its production in this region has been a success since the 15th century.  Mosel is located in a strategic place surrounded by a green country side which forms beautiful sites for picnic lunches and it is also close to France making it a perfect stopover site during driving holidays.  Visit this region for great Riesling grapes wine.

La Rioja, Spain

This is another hotspot for wine making in European Region.  It is located at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains and has been a wine production site sine the early Roman times.  This region has gained popularity due to its vast wine production and vast amounts of production.  La Rioja is close to The Way of St James pilgrim which has boasted a number of monasteries and cathedrals which have been declared by UNESCO as world’s heritage sites.

Bordeaux, France

This region is located in the West side of France and it is believed to be the wine capital of the world.  Bordeaux has a stunning surrounding with a beautiful country side, sea side townships and medieval villages which adds to its uniqueness as a holiday site and thus improves its wine market.  The greatest wine produced in this region is legendary and it continues to be the fastest wine growing region in the world.  Here is a video of some of  the incredible wines from the Bordeaux region.

Champagne, Ardenne,  France

The sparkling wine made in this region has been viewed as the only true “champagne”. The soils in this region forms the secret for the great wine making since it is rich with chalky soils and caves in which wine is cooled in chalk cellars for a minimum of one and a half years , this makes its wine unique and of a high quality. This region has a natural beauty which matches its fame and it is also a good site for long walks and a lunch site for French dishes accompanied with matching wines.

Tuscany, Italy

This is one of the most popular wine regions in the world. Chianti is the most popular wine from this region .  Its ancient cellar door and a temperate climate attracts thousands of visitors each year to this region.  It is hard to find a bad glass of wine in this region with even the humble group in the society being in a position to serve you with an excellent red wine.

Choose any of these spectacular wine regions for a holiday trip including wine tasting to have a mind blowing experience with high quality wine from world’s most popular wine production sites.

Use Expedia Coupons to Visit the Whisky Museum in Edinburgh

There are countless reasons why every person should visit the Whisky Museum in Edinburgh. The official name for this celebrated attraction is The Scotch Whisky Experience. Found in the Old Town of Edinburgh on Castlehill, this is the perfect fun and learning experience to appreciate Scotland’s best gift to the world which is Scotch Whisky. In addition to eye-opening tours and tutorial sessions, visitors can unwind at the excellent bar and restaurant housed in the attraction.

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The whisky museum at the Scotch Whisky Experience plays host to the world’s largest Collection of Scotch whisky which features over 3,000 bottles. This collection was built well over 30 years and experiencing this first hand is a worthy adventure. This attraction showcases the heritage of whisky which is the pride of Scotland. The following information sheds more light on why you should visit the whisky museum in Edinburgh. In addition, there is information on how a visitor can enjoy their time at the attraction and the tour details therein.


Embody the whisky making process

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This experience will allow you to see and appreciate the processes that go into producing the perfect Scotch whisky. You do not have to be a whisky enthusiast because this experience will leave an impression to fully understand why the passion for Scotch whisky exists. Visitors can be part of the process thanks to the bubbling ride through a beautiful virtual distillery. It is almost like taking a tour to another planet where whisky is the only species. This swirling tour is definitely one of the most exciting reasons why you need to visit the whisky museum.

Uncover hidden secrets of Scotch whisky

At the whisky experience, a visitor will get a chance to enjoy a guided sensory presentation. This is a time to uncover some of the best kept secrets of the whisky regions. The art of perfect whisky blending has definitely been mastered and this presentation opens up and gives away fascinating information on why the Scotch whisky is unmatched.

Experience the largest collection of Scotch whisky

Not many people will ever experience the largest Scotch whisky collection in the world. To this end, this exhilarating tour will open your eyes to rare and remarkable products that will blow your mind away. While admiring this collection, visitors will be enjoying some of the best Scotch whisky available. The layout is tantalizing as the museum showcases its jewels in an awesome manner to grab your attention. This Scottish splendor is best experienced first hand.

Learn how to handle Scotch whisky

There is a way to fully appreciate the national drink of Scotland. To this effect, a guide will take you through the process so that you can successfully enjoy it. Learning the mannerisms around handling the drink will help visitors appreciate the heritage even more.

Enjoy the beautiful McIntyre Gallery and Bar

This is the place where visitors can relax and think about their experience while indulging in their drink. This attractive gallery and bar will inspire you further to make for a wonderful time. There is no question that a lot of work has gone into making this Scotch whisky experience mesmerizing.

Choose how to enjoy your tour

There are several packages available that allow you to choose how your Scotch whisky experience will be like. If you are just looking for an introduction to the world of whisky, then the Silver Tour will suit you best. Here, you will learn about the drink for 50 minutes and at the end, you get to taste the whisky collection to your delight. To enjoy four additional malts from different regions at the McIntyre Gallery, you can choose the Gold Tour which lasts about 90 minutes. Other packages to choose from are Educational Tours, Morning Masterclass, Platinum Tour and The Taste of Scotland. These tailored tours will allow you to find what suits you best and at the budget you are most comfortable with. In this regard, you choose what you want to enjoy making the experience versatile to your delight.

Enjoy impeccable Scottish cuisine at Amber Restaurant

The Scotch Whisky Experience also gives you a chance to sample the inviting Scottish cuisine at the Amber Restaurant. You get to taste modern dishes in a casual backdrop that is relaxing to say the least. The wide selection of Scotch whiskies will keep you engaged after you have indulged in the sumptuous meals. This eatery enjoys excellent reviews and this is a good reason why you should head to the whisky museum.


Experience the tour in your own language

Thanks to the multi-lingual staff at the attraction, visitors can enjoy tours conducted in up to 15 languages. Prior bookings with language requests will ensure that no matter where you come from; you get the right translation.

Bring your children along

The Scotch Whisky Experience does not require that you leave your kids at home. With great offerings for the children, the whole family is catered to. The kids will be fine sipping on the national soft drink – Irn Bru. There are exciting activities for the children to keep them busy and entertained accordingly.

Visit at any time

This attraction is open 364 days of the year. Christmas Day is the only day when the facility is closed. To this effect, you can plan your tour effectively at any season to your convenience. No matter the time of year you choose to visit the attraction, you will not be disappointed. It is worth adding that the attraction is accessible to people with disabilities and in this light, there is no excuse not to take the Scotch whisky tour to your amazement.

If you have never visited Edinburgh before, this is one of those locations that are a-must. This experience will tell not just the story of the Scotch whisky; but also about a culture that has thrived over time to create wonderful nostalgia. The experience is also about learning how to appreciate the delight of a celebrate drink to fully understand why Scotch whisky is incomparable. Go through different online reviews and see what others have to say about the adventure; there is so much to look forward to.

Wine Tasting Tours in Napa Valley

With over 400 wineries and soils that are just right for grape production, Napa Valley is one of the world’s most sought after vacationing spot and preferred wine tasting destination. Napa valley indulges the visitors with not just winery visits, but luxurious accommodations, spa treatments, and incredible restaurants where you can experience unforgettable meals.

Things to consider before your visit:

While planning a trip to Napa Valley there are certain things that the visitor might want to consider. The most important one being the time when they decide to take the trip. Although people generally prefer to take trips in the summer, a trip to Napa Valley during summer is a huge no. A huge crowd of people flock to Napa Valley for their summer vacation, most definitely thinking the same as anyone else and preferring summer.

But the best time to visit Napa Valley is from September to November, this is the season where they harvest grapes and you can see the winery in action. Spring is the second best time to plan a visit, with mustard plants in full bloom and whole scenery covered in astonishing lavish greenery.

Choosing the wineries you want to visit:

Some of the best wineries in the world are located in the Napa Valley. You have to plan beforehand on which wineries to visit so you don’t get dillydallying into what other people are saying and missing out on all the good ones. Some of the Napa Valley wineries that you might want to consider for your visit are Beringer Vineyards (founded in 1876 by two German immigrants), Inglenook Winery (Previosly known as Coppola, or Niebaum Coppola), Domaine Chandon (One of themost visited winery in Napa Valley), Robert Mondavi (Napa’s first commercial winery), Castello di Amorosa, C.Sattui Winer, Cakebread (a lesser known but one of the best boutiques in Napa ), Frog’s Leap, St. Supery, Regusci, Hall, Frank Family and so on.

Visiting the wineries can be tad expensive so you might want to consider sharing your visitation tour with another group to be cost-effective and look for discount codes before your trip. When you visit a winery you might want to ask them to refer another place to visit and get exciting discounts with a free tasting referral card as well.

Things you’d want to consider during your visit:

Wine train:

One of the most popular attractions at Napa, travelling in a furnished dining car serving you meals and good wine, riding a wine train an activity you might want to consider.

· Picnics:

You might want to consider an intimate picnic with your loved ones while you’re staying at Napa. The hills at Diamond Oaks Winery is a popular destination for picnics.

Mud bath:

Soaking in volcanic ash and peat moss works wonder for your skin. Pamper yourself with facial masks, whirlpool bath, steam rooms, blanket wraps and massages while you’re staying in Napa.

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